Rift Wars

Adventure 2

The monster attacked swifter the second time and took down the ship. 2 of our heros wake up on the shore but the third is nowhere to be seen. The mountain in the center of the island seemed to be beckoning them slightly but before they started toward the island some strange creatures jumped out of the forest and attacked. Once vanquished these creatures fell back and you made it to the mountain.
After navigating the labyrinth of tunnels filled with fire and water elementals and traps you had to press all three buttons and an elevator took you to the bottom floor. you had to defeat the rock golem then you got into the study
The papers on the desk reveal-
-A map with a large circle (only in traced in rivers, lakes and the ocean) which had 5 pinpointed spots on it
-A paper saying there are towers naturally created that could be influenced to help them.(who?)
-a paper with “whoever controls the rift controls the world” written multiplier times as if by somebody who has gone mad and at the bottom a date only 6 months in the future
-a paper explaining an experiment where people were put in “the rift” but experienced strange side effects


Our heros woke up in a large black room, only remembering very vague things from their past. You figured out how to break free of the room with the help of a stranger named jason who joined you. You woke up on a beach and found a ship that would take you off of the small island with them.
Turns out that the ship was a pirate ship named the flameboat and they are looking for the moving island, a legend from years past. You managed to strike up a deal with them- you help them get the treasure from the moving island and they will let you go. After making a stop at Greatwell for supplies and fending off some bully pirates you shoved off in search of the island. The stranger from the strange room somehow made his way onto the boat too.
At night a few days later jason tried to get in tough with you but right as he found you he was taken by a dark figure telling you to come find them. Just then a large squid creature attacked the boat. After vanquishing it you saw a large island off in the distance.

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